Traditional Greek Wedding Decoration in Serifos Island

Traditional Greek Wedding Decoration in Serifos Island Aggelos & Dora

Neda Decorations created a unique, summer wedding on the island of Serifos. Serifos is a beautiful Greek Wedding Destination and was the couple’s favourite place and the bride’s place of origin. Firstly, the Exterior decoration of the Church was completely simple and totally matched with the minimalism of the Cyclades. In addition, an impressive garland of gypsophila started from the bell tower and ended on the floor of the church. Moreover, in the interior of the temple, there were two Wedding Candles of wax with wreaths of gypsophila. Furthermore, our experts decorated the Wedding Crowns and the tray, bottle and glass of the ceremony (all of them from our store) with details of gypsophila. The Bridal Bouquet had all white peonies and we used gypsophila for the wreath on the bride’s hair. There was also a corner with sieves full of rice and fans next to them, little details which made the difference.

We decorated the reception’s tables with brocade tiling in blue and white colours which had replaced the table runners. On the tiles, there were small vases with peonies, gypsophila, limonium, lisianthus and solidago (goldenrods). The wedding favours were of white tissue and the tying up was of lace. The wedding table cards had names of different beaches of the island on them. In addition, there were boho patchwork quilts on the benches of the church. Ribbons with little glass bowls with flowers and candles were hanging from the vine. Make your Wedding in Greece.


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