Neda Decorations has been operating since 1997 and specializes in social events, interior design and Christmas decoration.



We offer a variety of services, providing unique pieces and original ideas for individuals and professionals. Interior design ideas for commercial spaces and private residences, event equipment rentals (wedding, baptism) are some of the services we offer. Christmas is our favorite time of the year and we share our great expertise for the most festive decorations (professional and private spaces).

We offer our expertise:

  • wedding
  • christening
  • home
  • corporate events
  • interior design for commercial spaces (shops, restaurants, hotels etc.)
  • Christmas decoration for commercial and private spaces
  • custom-made special constructions upon request
  • event equipment rentals


Neda e-shop

In addition to providing services Neda also has an e-shop where you can see our product range, visit nedashop.gr


The team

Our most experienced team consisted by designers and stylists always keeps up-to-date and follows the newest trends. We always provide the latest and most current merchandise in store which guarantees excellent results to keep even the most demanding customers enchanted.

We design to create the space of your dreams!


Thank you grandly for your trust for more than 20 years,

Neda Decorations Team

….. the ultimate design spot!