Christening Decoration Tropical Theme Saint Nicolas Anavyssos

Christening Decoration Tropical Theme Saint Nicolas in Anavyssos

Christening Decoration with tropical theme in one of the most beautiful churches, Saint Nicolas in Anavyssos. Firstly, an impressive garland with flowers decorated the arcade of the church on the upper part of the door. We chose a straight garland, which didn’t follow the curved line of the door. The flowers we used were in tropical style, such as proteus and chrysanthemum flowers, anthurium and birds of paradise (crane flowers). Tropical leaves like monstera and areca surrounded the flowers.

We also placed two banana trees on the left and right side of the door. In addition, two amazing flower bouquets with orange and yellow ribbons decorated the baptismal font. For the bouquets we used the same tropical leaves and flowers like the ones we used to decorate the arcade. Finally, we decorated the Candy Bar on a white, wooden table where we put the baptism favours on trays. Fresh juice and bottles with iced water refreshed the guests as the day was very hot. We also used fresh fruit such as pineapples, mangos and bananas as well as tropical leaves in order to match the Candy Bar with the tropical theme of the christening. Ceramic cachepots, wooden trays and tropical pillows made the decoration more complete.

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