Wedding Crowns Silver Forged & Textured

Wedding Crowns Silver Forged & Textured

Wedding Crowns silver consisting of two silver rods, one of which is forged and the other textured.

Furthermore, they are accompanied with a pair of silver pins for the groom and the groomsman and a case made of ecological cardboard. In particular, the crowns are tied with long satin ribbon and you can choose its color for your wedding in Greece. Do not hesitate to contact us for anything you need.

On the whole, you can see all the wedding crowns in our stores as well as other wedding items, such as trays, glasses and carafes. Most certainly, we can create together the wedding set which suits you the best. Let us guide you through the world of NEDA Decorations and design together the Wedding Decoration from the Church to the Reception.

Moreover, place your order online in our e-shop and receive your wedding crowns in your space.

See the crown HERE

Finally, contact us now to arrange a Skype meeting.


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