Stefana Handmade Pearls & Swarovski Orthodox Wedding

Stefana Handmade Pearls & Swarovski

Stefana Handmade Pearls & Swarovski

A pair of Orthodox Wedding Crowns (Stefana), handmade with pearls and Swarovski. A long luxury satin ribbon binds the two crowns together. A pair of silver brooches (boutonnieres) for the groom and the best man as also the crown case (stefanothiki) are included.

You can also choose if you would like your 925 silver rod to be in combination with rose gold hue. For example you could choose the rose gold instead of gold.

The wedding crowns are hand made and they could be custom made by different combinations according to the couple’s demands.

After that we can design the Orthodox Wedding Decoration of your Wedding in Greece from the ceremony to the reception.