Bridal Coif Succulent Symphoricarpos Safari

Bridal Coif Succulent Symphoricarpos Safari

Bridal Hair Accessory coif made of succulent, symphoricarpos and safari. Certainly, you may combine your accessories with your Bridal Bouquet and impress.

First of all, you can turn it into a hair wreath or a bracelet. Secondly, the bride’s friends and the bridesmaids can wear it on bachelor party, but on wedding day too. Above all, a perfect present for your friends, which will be desiccated and remind them of this special day. Also, you can use it as a boutonniere for the groom and the groomsmen.

However, this suggestion is indicative and you can amend it as you wish. Specifically, in our flower shop we can make any accessory from flowers and natural materials for your special Greek wedding day, for you or your guests.

Finally, contact us now to arrange a Skype meeting and make the first step for the wedding of your dreams in Greece.

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