Wedding Decoration Kythnos Greece Island

Wedding Decoration Kythnos Greece Island

Today we are on a beautiful Traditional Wedding in Kythnos island at Cyclades complex. a perfect Wedding Destination in Greece.

First of all, the Decoration of the Church consisted of an impressive garland on the top of the door. The flowers that we chose were sunflowers, chrysanthemum, limonium, chamomile and solidago. Moreover, the Wedding Candles of wax, had flower wreaths with the same flowers we used in the garland. The Bridal Bouquet was in free line with the same flowers. The tray, bottle and glass of the ceremony were from our store and we decorated them with flower details. Furthermore, the boat that accompanied the bride had also a unique decoration of sunflower bouquets. The paper boats, in which we had placed the rice and the little cards with “Love is in the air” on them were some of the details which gave a breath of fresh air concerning the decoration.

We decorated the wedding tables with bowls of glass and sunflower bouquets, gerbera daisies, solidago, chamomile and limonium. The Wedding Favours were in minimal style, of tulle tied with a thin string. The guests used sparkles during the first dance of the couple and the atmosphere became more playful. Moreover, there were ribbons and little glass bowls with flowers and candles on the trees around the couple’s table. Wedding on the island of Kythnos, a one of the kind island for the wedding of your dreams.Enjoy all the details in the photos below and dream of your Magical Wedding in Greece



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