Luxury Wedding Decoration Trikala

Luxury Wedding Decoration Trikala

A one of kind wedding took place in Trikala and impressed every guest. The couple chose baby’s breath as a theme flower and we added orchids in small details all in white. The big day of the wedding exuded sophistication and impeccable style.

Church Decoration

Starting from the Church Decoration, the impressive isle from baby’s breath and the stunning garland at the facade stole the show. The Wedding Candles were decorated with wreaths from baby’s breath and orchids. The Bridal Bouquet was a combination of baby’s breath and orchids. For the Wedding Set, we chose a golden mirrored tray, a wine bottle (carafe) and a glass with gold details. Finally, the guests’ chairs were decorated with small bouquets made from baby’s breath in a white color.

Reception Decoration

Entering the reception area, one could not help but notice the imposing ceiling of thousands of lights and the impressive clouds from baby’s breath, which created a scenery out of a fairytale! The Wishbook Table took off the decoration giving an elegant and classy effect with the tall candlesticks to adorn it perfectly and the arrangements from hydrangeas, baby’s breath and orchids. The guests’ tables were decorated with a glass tray on which there were an impressive flower arrangement from baby’s breath and orchids. In the perimeter, 4 glasscandlesticks in different heights created a romantic atmosphere. For the bridal table we chose glass candlesticks and stunning floral arrangements from baby’s breath and orchids on the side of the table.

Enjoy the unique decoration of this wedding on the photos that follow. Book your appointment now to create together your dream wedding in Greece.

Event Planner: DS Dimitra Events

Photoshooting: Floulis Photographers