Field Flowers Wedding in Greece

Field Flowers Wedding Decoration in Greece Laas Venue

The Church Decoration consisted of an impressive garland with flowers which decorated the façade of the church. The flowers were all field flowers such as peonies, alstroemeria, chamomile and hypericum. The greenery was abundant and special such as eucalyptus, safari and dusty miller. At the beginning and at the end of the garland there were ribbons of lace. The Wedding Candles were in candelabrum in brown hue with flower arrangements and candle. In theses arrangements we used the same flowers with the ones of the arch by adding hydrangeas which took the lead. The Bridal Bouquet was in a free line with flowers which we used in the existing decoration. The bell tower had also details from flowers with ribbons as well as the Tray with the bottle and the glass of the ceremony.

The Reception Decoration followed the same style. There were bowls of glass with lace and metallic or tin containers on each round table. In each bowl there were flower bouquets with combinations of flowers used in the church decoration. We also added small little candles to enhance the atmosphere. On the couple’s table we placed the flower arrangements from the wedding candles and the impressive garland as well which decorated the façade of the church.

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